Our Store!


History: The owner of Azalea Aquariums is a hobbyist since 1953 and has owned Azalea Aquariums since 1975. That is over 38 years of experience in the retail fish business!


Mission Statement: At Azalea Aquariums we strive to help all beginners and advanced hobbyist to properly care for their fish and aquariums in the most economical way possible.


Our customers have had success and therefore enjoy their fish for a long time.


Advice: If you ask for advice then expect to get an earful! With over 60 years of experience we have a lot to offer and tell you. Also remember that we are here to listen and help try correct what we personally see as mistakes. If you ask our veteran customers they will tell you that our fish are very healthy and can live a long time with the methods we have developed over the years.


Store Pictures: Below is a peek into what our store looks like. With over 250 tanks there is always a hidden gem waiting for you to find to add to your aquarium! We hope to see you come in soon and take a look for yourself!


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5112A Richmond-Henrico Turnpike * Richmond, Virginia * 23227 | Phone: 804-329-5126 | Hours: Noon to 8:00 PM M-F; Noon to 6:00 PM Sat; Noon to 5:00 PM Sun